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New York City is among the world’s most exciting and romantic places, so it’s a natural spot to tie the knot. If your interest is piqued, check out our quick Q&A below, with answers about how to get hitched in the five boroughs.

Can same-sex couples get married in New York City?

You bet. Same-sex marriage has been legal in New York since the Marriage Equality Act went into effect June 24, 2011. The City Clerk’s office began to issue marriage licenses and perform civil marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples a month later, on July 24, 2011. (In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled bans on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional, making it legal for same-sex couples to marry in all US states.)

How do I get a marriage license?

The first thing you should do is submit an online application at the City Clerk’s website. After that, you’ll get a confirmation number that you can bring with you to complete the application in person. You and your future spouse will have to show up at the City Clerk’s office together.

How much does it cost?

A marriage license costs $35. If you want to throw in a marriage ceremony at a City Clerk’s office or the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, that’s another $25. Note, though, that you’ll generally have to wait 24 hours after getting your license before you can exchange vows.

Where else can I have a wedding ceremony in NYC?

Plenty of places, including Top of the Rock, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Central Park’s Loeb Boathouse, to name just a few. For details on these and many more sites to get married in New York City, visit our roundup of NYC wedding venues

This City Clerk seems pretty important to the marriage process. Where can I find it?

The City Clerk has offices in all five boroughs:

Manhattan Office141 Worth St., New York, NY 10013 Regular Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8:30am–3:45pm

Bronx Office: Supreme Court Building, 851 Grand Concourse, Room B131, Bronx, NY 10451 Regular Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8:30am–4pm

Brooklyn Office: Brooklyn Municipal Building, 210 Joralemon St., Room 205, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Regular Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8:30am–4pm    

Queens Office: Borough Hall Building, 120-55 Queens Blvd., Ground fl., Room G-100, Kew Gardens, NY 11424 Regular Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8:30am–3:45pm

Staten Island Office: Borough Hall Building, 10 Richmond Terrace, Room 311, Staten Island, NY 10301 Regular Hours: Mon.–Fri., 8:30am–4pm

Sounds great—but I have a lot of other questions, some of which are technical.

We think you’ll find all the info you seek at the City Clerk’s website. Happy reading!